Prag-PEACE Project (PPP)


Pragmatic Paradise of Easy Access for Communicative English at Hiroshima City University
Supported by the 2004-2006 Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research (Kaken Grant)



If English is going to be a shared property for global village citizens,
equal opportunities to learn and use it should be guaranteed
since any language on this planet is the most superb masterpiece of humankind
with no personal ownership right.

It is a desire for the participants of this joint project to share the research outcomes with

anyone who is hoping to acquire this communication property.


Main Projects

Project 1

Online Questionnaire Survey - ChauSer Project

Development of ChauSer Super easy production of online questionnaire survey.

Project 2

NNS's perception of NNS English varieties and their reception of English - NNS Project

Japanese version English version I English version II Chinese version Italian version

Project 3

Complaints and request in Japanese

DCT in Japanese

Project 4

Complaints in English

Appropriateness/effectiveness judgment test

Project 5

Collaborative production of a textbook to talk about "HIROSHIMA" - Textbook project

'Kinsai' BBC Keijiban Collaborative textbook production (A password is required.)

Project 6

Web class project - WC Project


Project 7

Assistant Language Teachers - ALT project



ChauSer is a production (authoring) tool to create online data collection questionnaires. No technical knowledge or skills are needed to use it. It has been developed for data collection of the Prag-PEACE project. We have a plan, once it is ready, to release ChauSer free to outside researchers who can consent our above-stated motto of our project. One requirement for its free use is to report through our Prag-PEACE homepage any possible part of research outcomes that are obtained from the data collected by ChauSer so they can be shared with any English learners as well as researchers. This site as well as ChauSer is managed in a non-profit policy.

N.B.: Project 5 is partially supported by the 2005 Special Research Grant at Hiroshima City University.





Project outcomes





JACET 中国四国支部大会 



具体的使用目的を設定した英語学習機会の提供−夏期集中講座HIROSHIMA and PEACE を事例として

pdf ppt

31st JALT Annual Conference


NNS's attention to pragmatic features.

pdf ppt

31st JALT Annual Conference


How can we complain appropriately and effectively?

pdf ppt

JACET 中国四国支部研究会


大学生英語学習者の日本語と英語による Complaint 発話行為の比較研究

pdf ppt

JACET 中国四国支部研究会


Content Management System (CMS) Questionnaire Management System (QMS) の連携

pdf ppt

AILA2005 in Madison


Pedagogical and linguistic values of teaching communication strategies

pdf ppt

JALT PanSIG 2006 Conference, Invited Colloquium


Toward Dynamic Intercultural Pragmatics  for English as an International Language

1 YOKOYAMA, Tomoyuki: “A questionnaire management system called ChauSer and some free tools for data analysis and collaboration,”


2 NOGAMI, Yoko: “Complaining softly in Japanese and English”


3 RINNERT, Carol: “Learning to complain: Development of awareness of English pragmatic strategies among Japanese EFL students”


4 ZAMBORLIN, Chiara: “Cross-cultural pragmatic dissonances: Going beyond bi-dimensional transfer”


5 IWAI, Chiaki: “NNSs in different learning contexts  and their attention to phonological, grammatical, and pragmatic features”





Perceptions of English: Cross-cultural Comparison among Learners in Four EFL Contexts


Pacific Second Language

Research Forum 2006


Learning to complain: Development of awareness of English pragmatic strategies among Japanese students


JACET 45th Annual

Convention - Symposium




JALT Matsuyama Chapter,

Invited lecture


Studies on communication strategies:

From theories to practice











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